Jessie James Decker Offer Rear View In Bikini

Jessie James Decker
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Ashabi Azeez

Jessie James Decker loves showing off her enticing bikini figure. The songwriter does not shy away from giving Instagram many captivating swimsuit views. Jessica flashed another cheeky look to her 4 million Instagram fans while enjoying a vacation in Mexico. 

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'Suns Out'

Jessie James Decker in a one-sleeve dress
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The mother-of-three showed she was enjoying her vacation to Mexico. In one of the photos uploaded on Instagram, the star looked ravishing in a two-piece black string bikini. She gave a statue back standing pose, looking out to the beach with her two arms raised in the air showing the victory signs. The string bikini hugged her toned body giving a sun-kissed view of her bikini buns. She wore a sun protection hat to prevent the sun rays from touching her face. The singer captioned the post, "Suns out," which got a lot of fans commenting on the view and dropping fire emojis. 


Chic Look

Jessie James Decker in a jumpsuit
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The country-pop singer looked incredible in a colorful itty-bitty bikini in another Instagram post. She gave a standing pose, holding a tropical drink in one hand. The Lights Down Low singer added sunglasses and a Jean hat. The bikini gave her sculpted legs, ripped abs, and arms a clear view. Fans took to the comment section to air their views. "I can't believe she had three kids looking like this," a fan commented. Another commented, "Girl 🔥what is your leg routine?!! I need it!" 


Workout Routine

Jessie James Decker
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Being a mother, country music star, fashion designer, and cookbook author did not take away self-care from the star's schedule. She found a way for her fitness and health. On her Instagram page, Jessie revealed the workout routine she used when trying to slim down. In order to maintain her toned physique, the Kittenish designer relied on weight-based workouts. To begin the routine, she started with jump rope, high-knee running, ankle grabs, high kicks, lunges and lateral lunges, spinal rotations, and tension squats. That was not all; she also did overhead squats with resistance bands, medicine ball slams, and tosses, as well as other workouts to make sure her physique remained toned.

Diet Plan

Jessie James Decker in thigh-high slit dress
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The star also ensured she took care of her health. Though she does not engage in a strict intermittent fasting plan, she typically skipped breakfast or had "a bowl of oatmeal or toast." For lunch and dinner, the fashion designer combined protein and carbs to keep her energy high. Although the star sticks to her healthy protein and crabs diet, she indulged in snacks when she was not watching her weight, and "for dessert, I will have a piece of chocolate." With these fitness and health routines, the star has been able to maintain her exquisite look.