Elle Macpherson Shares Her Fitness And Diet Secrets For A Sculpted Physique

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Elle Macpherson isn’t called “The Body” for nothing. In 1989, the Australian model was given that moniker by Time magazine because of her incredibly sculpted physique, which snagged her a record five Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covers.

Now 58 years old, Macpherson still has every right to be called “The Body,” judging from the photos dotting her Instagram feed. The ‘80s fashion icon has been able to maintain her supermodel figure through the decades. How does she do it? Read below.

Her Go-To Fitness Routine

Macpherson revealed that her go-to fitness routine involves yoga and cardio workouts in an interview with Glossy. She goes to a yoga class every day after dropping her son Cy off at school.

“I prefer not to go to the gym; I would much rather be outside, doing yoga or swimming in the ocean. If I’m traveling, I like to go for a jog and explore,” she said.

According to Marie Claire, she also goes for a bike ride to the beach sometimes.

She Loves The Outdoors

After work, at around five in the afternoon, the Sydney native is in fitness mode again.

“I like to go outside and do something physical,” she said. “Today, I go for a quick bike ride with Cy, but one of my favorite wind-downs is Strala Yoga or vinyasa flow. I love the natural movement of it; it’s a great connector of breath and body.”

Aside from her go-to workouts, Macpherson also likes paddle boarding, hiking, and waterskiing. “At the moment, I'm really into boxing or taking spin classes with girlfriends,” she added.

She Has A Wellness Brand

The supermodel explained, “Now, in my 50s, I don't over-work in the gym. I now listen to what my body needs. I do an hour of exercise I really enjoy every day.”

But physical fitness isn’t the only thing she’s devoted to. Macpherson is also strict about what she eats and even has her own wellness brand, WelleCo, which makes a plant-based vitamin powder called Super Elixir. She takes two teaspoons of this in filtered water every morning, saying it helps her “feel nourished from the inside out.”

Plant-Based, Alkaline Diet

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The idea for her brand was born after she consulted a nutritionist when she was about 50. “I was feeling run-down and unwell,” she said, “and I discovered that my fast-paced life, processed food, and everyday incidental toxic overload was the culprit.”

Her nutritionist, Dr. Simone Laubscher, recommended a plant-based, alkaline diet. That led her to produce Super Elixir, which she said: “turned my life around.”