Aly Raisman In Bikini Describes Personality

Close up of Aly Raisman
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Chisom Ndianefo

After saying goodbye to the floor, retired Olympic athlete Aly Raisman transitioned to Wellness. Aly shares her wellness journey with her two million-plus Instagram followers, and it helps her fuse some of her gymnastics training into her new life. Yoga is a way for Aly to practice mindfulness while working her muscles to stay active. She has a packed engagement this Summer, including being a guest speaker at a Wellness summit.

Showing Off Her Personality

Aly expressed her love for the beach while posing in a bikini featuring a silver breastplate top and a black bottom. Her black hair billowed in the breeze, and the blurry crashing waves in the background formed a picturesque backdrop. The picture looked like a scene from Themyscira, and Aly wrote in the caption that her friend said the bright smile and cute bikini captured her personality to a tee.

Speaking At El Paso

Aly's speaking at a Women's Summit in EL Paso this Summer at an all-day event, and the tickets are already on sale, and they cost $125. She'd speak on sensitive issues affecting women, including Mental Health, Body Image, Fitness, Health, Stress Management, and Balance. She's in the proper position to talk about these things since she's experienced some of them. As a child, Aly suffered insult from bullies because of her bone structure; then, she dealt with sexual assault as a professional athlete before retiring and becoming an advocate for Mental Health and Wellness

Aly Mentors At Woodward

Aly's Summer is booked as she also has a speaking and mentoring engagement in Woodward. She wrote,

"I’ll be at Woodward this summer during the following weeks. Woodward west: weeks 3 & 4Woodward PA: weeks 6, 7, 10 & 11"

.She enjoyed her time with the young female gymnasts and listened to some of their complaints which she promised to address for the next season. Some of the little girls' suggestions were outrageous, but the lightheartedness of the situation warmed Aly's heart.

Mylo Makes New Friends

Some of the girls even said Mylo (Aly's dog) was the best part of the camp as they got to play with him. They asked if the committee could adjust the rules to allow them to bring their pets to the gym, and Aly laughed because it was unlikely. It's understandable, however, that they enjoyed Mylo's company because the pet is bubbly (as seen on Aly's social media.) She even called him her happy place.