Brie Larson Brandishes Sculpted Torso In Delightful Snaps

Brie Larson
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Ashabi Azeez

American actress and filmmaker Brie Larson is known for her gorgeous body and her love for all things fitness. The 32-year-old is no novice in keeping her body in shape. The beautiful actress has featured in several superhero films keeping her on the treadmill when needed. Besides her Hollywood career, Larson has a passion for fitness.

Sculpted Torso And Broad Smiles

Brie Larson
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The Captain Marvel star posted a couple of snapshots on her Instagram page as she brandished her sculptured torso. Her sculpted torso. She wore a matching black sports bra and tights. Her toned abs were on full display as she smiled at the camera. She had on a gold neck chain. The actress seemed to have been returning from a morning run or workout. She revealed that she felt cute and might delete the snapshots later, though that has not happened yet.

Keeping Motivated

Brie Larson
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Larson shared a video of her workout session with Jason Walsh, a fitness trainer and owner of Rise Movement. The actress put in all the work as she worked out with fitness equipment and resistance bands.

The workout seemed to focus on her abs. The fitness trainer was heard cheering her on several times. Despite being an avid fitness enthusiast, Larson admitted she still tries to find ways to escape having to work out, which is why she needed Rise Movement to keep her motivated.

Pre-training Workout

Brie Larson
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Even for a fitness enthusiast like Larson, it can sometimes be hard to keep at it. The Actress took to YouTube to share a light workout that she does before her main workout routine, which she does with her trainer.

This pre-training keeps her motivated and activates her muscles before the workout itself. The short full-body routine takes less than six minutes, stating that it helps wake everything up, especially after a long period of not working out. The workout can be done without equipment, only a yoga mat. 

Preventing Injury

Brie Larson in silver dress
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Larson's pre-training workout helps warm up the muscles while stretching them to prevent injury and spikes the heart rate. The exercise includes a few yoga poses on both sides of the body, jumping jacks, and some hip thrusts. After which, she does some crunches before pausing for a full-body stretch.

She also adds some push-ups, bicep curls, and squats. Finally, she caps it with some stretches explaining that taking five minutes at the end of every workout to do some stretches is a great way to avoid injury.