Jessie James Decker In Bikini Explains 'Thirst Trap' Photo

Jessie James Decker close up
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Geri Green

Jessie James Decker has been flaunting her phenomenal bikini body while addressing the concept of a "thirst trap" photo. The country singer and Kittenish founder made headlines in December 2021 as she stripped down to swimwear and lounged around stone steps for a stunning Instagram shot, but there was more than just a golden tan and the blonde's toned legs on show as she took to her caption with a message.

Jessie, 33, was in Cabo, Mexico, and explaining the fun she was having out there, also reminding her followers that despite the solo situation, it was definitely a girl crew affair.

Stuns In Mexico Bikini Snap

Jessie James Decker in jumpsuit and heels
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Scroll for the photo. The Eric & Jessie star, who also made 2021 headlines for revealing her "new boobies" after a cosmetic breast enhancement, posed leaning against a stone wall and on paved stone steps while showing off her endlessly-long legs, toned abs, and sculpted shoulders.

Jessie wore a triangle and high-cut multicolor bikini in fun stripes, also posing makeup-free and looking wistful as she gazed calmly ahead and with one hand placed behind her head.

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Taking to her caption, the South Beach Diet ambassador wrote:

"When you see this photo you may see thirst trap, but what I see is 10 women behind it hyping it up in Cabo."

She added:

"We all took turns taking sexy photos of each other on the beach for fun and it made me smile so much to see all of us girls cheering each other on! “””turn your hips this way, turn your neck that way, oh yes girl you look amazing that’s hot!””” That’s what’s its all about! Women supporting women❤️ missing my Cabo crew today! So much fun and a lot of hot photos of bad -ss girls!"

Celebrity Like

Jessie James Decker in pants and jacket
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Jessie disabled likes to her post - in terms of numbers - but she did catch a celebrity thumbs-up, this as singer Maren Morris dropped by to leave a like. Fans, meanwhile, sent major love, with one writing: "You represent strength inside and out!! The strength to be yourself and to help others be themselves too. I really admire you, girl."

Doesn't Always Go To Plan

Jessie doesn't always wind up getting approval on IG, with early 2020 seeing her shamed for posing an underwear-clad photo from her home, one featuring 4-year-old son Eric. The "Lights Down Low" singer then made headlines for a clap-back as she defended herself. Jessie said that she teaches her kids that "the body is beautiful" and that there was "nothing to be ashamed of."