Kelly Ripa's Routine For A Toned Core

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Kelly Ripa has been on television for years. From appearing on ABC's daytime soap opera All My Children in her early career to now co-hosting the syndicated morning talk show, Live! With Kelly and Ryan for years, she is used to staying "TV ready". Now in her 50s, she looks younger than ever. This is how.

Ripa's Daily Routine Focuses On More Than Just Fitness

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Kelly is one of the busiest women on television. However, she still finds time for wellness. "For me, even on my busiest days, I try to find 10 minutes to ground myself through movement meditation," she told The Zoe Report. "Those few precious moments of mindfulness — doing yoga while focusing on my thought patterns and awareness — help me create a sense of calm and inner harmony and make a big difference to my overall wellbeing."

She Doesn't Follow A Specific Diet

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Kelly likes to keep her pH levels low (meaning that she likes to stick to an alkaline diet). This means that she prioritizes foods that aren't acidic or full of sugar. However, she doesn't always stick to the same food every day. As long as she's eating clean she is content. She told Shape that she sticks to simple meals, like a sliced chicken breast with sautéed spinach, lemon, and olive oil.

Staying Toned

It is no secret that Kelly is toned. And that is because she focuses on resistance training. "Every exercise we do works your full core—the butt, the abs, and the back—at the same time," said Anna Kaiser, her trainer in an interview with Women's Health (and also Shakira's trainer). "If you’re training functionally, you’re hitting those muscles from all planes of motion". Kaiser is known for her AKT dance studio in New York Studio and is a former dancer. Because so, her workouts include functional training and circuit training.

About integration of these different methods, she said that "the best thing about the marriage of dance and HIIT is that you’re moving on multiple planes of motion and you’re having fun. You really need to focus on different types of muscular contractions and angles, not just on getting through exercises for the sake of feeling a burn. If you do the same motions over and over, you’re not going to get the full benefit.”

Daily Routine

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Although she is done with her day by 11 am, she makes it a priority to work out every day. “There are a lot of people that don’t have to work out, and I am so happy for them, but I have to work out for my body type,” Kelly told People. “It’s part of my routine. It’s part of my ritual. It doesn’t just make me look better, but it makes me emotionally feel better.”

Even though Kaiser has been her trainer for years, she has switched up her workout routine at times to make sure she maintains active by also incorporating things like trying SoulCycle. However, she makes sure to always workout at least 60-90 minutes.