Brie Larson Reveals Insane Workout For Rock Hard Abs

Brie Larson
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Matthew Wilson

Brie Larson may play a superhero on screen. But in real life, her marvelous physique is thanks to some intense workouts. While we can't all be Captain Marvel, we can all have a stronger and better-toned core. Fortunately for the Larson faithful, the Hollywood star hasn't been exactly secretive about how she stays in shape.

Let's take a look at how Larson stays in peak performance.

Walk The Plank

Brie Larson at the Awards.
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Let's walk the plank, dear readers. Planking is essential to maintaining one's core. And Larson's exercise routine is no different. In fact, the star regularly takes things up a notch. Pushing herself to her limit, Larson performs a wide leg plank. The below Instagram video shows Larson upping her workout even more with a 45-pound barbell weight on her back. Talk about an iron-core.

"We all have moments of feeling like the 🌎 is on our shoulders," she summed up herself.

Feel The Burn

Brie Larson
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Behind every great workout is a great trainer. And Larson has had plenty of help along the way as well. She has a professional trainer who helps her highlight what muscles to work. While not everyone has the time or money to afford a professional, Larson did share some wise exercise advice to live by.

For instance, it's important to incorporate resistance training in your rotation as well. In a video, Larson showed how to make push-ups even more of a challenge. Larson's trainer places a resistance band across her lower back. And let's just say the Oscar winner could definitely feel the burn.

But sometimes you have to suffer for your art, as Larson knows. She has pushed her body to get in shape for roles throughout her career.

Super Hero In Training

Brie Larson
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Sometimes superheroes aren't born, they're made. Brie Larson has gone outside of the box for some of her intense workouts. For instance, could this workout be described as anything less than heroic?

Larson combined an Exxentric kBox4 flywheel platform with a kettlebell for great results. While hooked up to the machine, Larson performed a series of squats working her core. She described the exercise as: "How many pieces of workout equipment does it take to become a superhero? All of them!"

Stretching Still Matters

But it's not all just workouts that lead to a strong core and insane abs. Sometimes, you have to slow things down and focus on what matters. Larson combines her intense workouts with a relaxing stretching routine to keep things flexible.