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Gynecologist Hid Camera, Patients Consider Lawsuits

A gynecologist hid a camera inside a pen and secretly recorded unimaginably invasive videos of patients, The Inquisitr reported earlier, taking his own life as investigators began to question him about the terrifying violation earlier this month.

The gynecologist who hid a camera pen during exams was Dr. Nikita Levy of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the women’s health clinician was escorted from the facility in early February after it was discovered that he may have been secreting the devices and filming patients. Levy, 54, was the gynecological care provider to nearly 1,000 patients at a community clinic local to Johns Hopkins’ main campus, several news sources have reported.

In our earlier report on the gynecologist and how he hid the camera in a pen, we noted that “police revealed [earlier in February] that at least some of the images were captured with a camera hidden in the top of a pen,” but more worryingly, “authorities were exploring whether the recordings had been distributed.” Levy was found dead after an apparent suicide last week, taking all answers with him, but police say they found an “extraordinary” amount of evidence at the doctor’s Towson, Maryland home after his death.

ABC News now reports some class action suits have been filed on behalf of patients of the gynecologist who hid a camera pen during intimate exams, and the network says:

“The employee [who suspected the gynecologist hid a camera] told hospital officials of her suspicions Feb. 4, according to a letter from the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Paul B. Rothman. The letter was dated Tuesday and sent to the law firm of Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, which is working with the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center. The law firm gave a copy of the letter to The Associated Press on Wednesday.”

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ABC adds that law enforcement officers are currently working to find out whether the gynecologist who hid a pen was working with “anyone else was involved in making the records, and whether any have been posted on the Internet or sold.”

The gynecologist who hid the camera in a pen is not the only recent such case. A prominent Manhattan urologist was recently accused of engaging in similar behavior outside the doctor patient setting on the New York City Subways.