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Little Girl With Premature Aging Condition Becomes Target Of Online Bullies

A 6-year-old girl with a premature aging disease has been the target of vicious online bullying and even death threats. Adalia Rose Williams suffers from Progeria. The condition causes her little body to age quickly.

Adalia Rose Williams’ proud mommy shared photos of her daughter dancing Gangnam Style and singing an old Vanilla Ice song, Radar Online notes. The energetic little Texan weighs just 14 pounds and may not even lives past her 13th birthday.

Progeria causes the little girl to have a unique appearance that often causes stares from strangers, Gawker notes. Adalia’s parents tell the child the reason people sneak long glances is because they have never before seen an angel.

A Facebook page and website the little girl’s mother created so she can share her progress with friends and relatives have more than six million fans. Unfortunately, not everyone who visits the online venues to learn of Adalia’s inspiring story are kind-hearted.

One online bully posted posted, “Kill is before it lays eggs.” Another cruel comment stated, “This is the reason abortion should be legal.” One poster voiced his opposition to people who call Adalia Rose Williams beautiful – he compared her looks to his “ballsack.”

One of the death threats posted about Adalia Rose online read:

“I’m going to find where you live. I’m gonna come to your house, I’m gonna chop you up, and rape yoru mother in front of you, and cut off your arms.”

Multiple Facebook groups have been created that appear to exist solely to taunt the little girl with Progeria. Names of the Facebook pages include “Adalia Rose is a Veiny Testicle Head” and “Adalia Rose Should Have Been Aborted.” Online rumors stating the child has died also circulate online, prompting RIP messages on the little girl’s Facebook page.progeria adalia rose

Undaunted by the horrifically cruel posts, Adalia and her family continue to share her joyous moments and inspire others.

[Images Via: Amelia Rose Williams Facebook]