79-year-old shot dead brooklyn

79-Year-Old Shot Dead In Bushwick, Brooklyn

A 79-year-old shot dead in the Bushwick section of the borough of Brooklyn may have been hit by a stray bullet, and the New York City police are investigating how an elderly person came to be fatally wounded in his own home in the middle of the night.

The 79-year-old shot dead shot dead in Brooklyn was James Jackson, and police were initially stymied by the circumstances of the bizarre gunshot fatality. Jackson lived with a woman who in some reports is said to be his wife, and in others, his girlfriend.

According to the New York Daily News, the woman is blind — and didn’t initially realize the 79-year-old had been shot dead, struck in the neck. When she discovered he was unresponsive, police were called to unravel the strange case.

A neighbor of Jackson’s, who only gave her first name, was shaken by the strange incident and told the paper:

“She said she couldn’t wake him up … He was lying on the couch slumped over. It’s horrible.”

CBS also spoke with the woman about Jackson’s death, and she told the station that Jackson’s partner summoned her in the middle of the night when he failed to wake. The witness, identified only as “Joyce,” said:

“She said, ‘Joyce could you come down here, I can’t wake up Tyrone’, he was laying in the couch in a puddle of blood.”

The 79-year-old shot dead was transported to local Woodhull Hospital, where his death was called — but the station reports he may have been hit by the bullet far earlier. Another neighbor says as early as midnight, he was unable to reach Jackson:

“I went last night to get a cigarette from him so I knocked on the door, but I didn’t get no answer.”

The investigation into the 79-year-old’s gunshot death is ongoing, but police reportedly have no leads on who may have shot the man or how the shooting occurred.