Cat Found After Three Years

Missing New York Cat Found After Three Years

A cat that went missing has been found and returned to its owner after nearly three years.

Charlene Lanigan said her cat suddenly disappeared over three years ago. Despite her best efforts, she never could find her missing friend. According to The Christian Post, McGee went missing on January 17, 2010.

She said:

“I searched in vain for that cat. I put adsin every paper, I put ads on Craigslist, there’s a lost cat website, I went on there and nothing; nobody ever called.”

Although it’s unclear where the cat decided to go, he eventually ended up at the home of Bobby Boyle shortly after Superstorm Sandy. Sensing that the feline may belong to someone else, he began digging through missing pet websites to see if someone was looking for the cat.

CBS New York explains that it didn’t take Boyle very long to uncover notices posted by Lanigan about McGee’s disappearance. Thinking he may have her pet, Boyle took the cat to a local animal shelter. When workers scanned McGee’s microchip, they discovered he had gone missing three years ago.

The cat was reunited with his very excited owner exactly three years after he went missing. Charlene said she now has a new cat named Oliver, but McGee is learning to cope with the situation.

Lanigan said of the reunion:

“My body went numb. Bobby returned him to the shelter three years to the day that he went missing. It was just amazing, absolutely amazing. He came in the house like he never left.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that a pet owner in San Francisco was reunited with her cat after nearly nine years. The runaway feline reportedly jumped from its owner’s hands and never returned. However, the feline was found and reunited with the family after nearly a decade away from home.