Lohan Baby Brother Pics

Lohan Baby Brother Pics Show Blonde-Haired Little Guy

Lindsay Lohan’s baby brother has pics online now, and the tiny addition to the Lohan family seems to fit right in before a camera.

The baby brother was born January 30 to Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan and his girlfriend Kate Major, the same day Lindsay was in a Los Angeles court awaiting her legal fate. The new Lohan baby brother pics, published by TMZ, show a scrunchy little guy with blonde locks.

While her dad’s side of the family is growing, Lindsay Lohan appears to be regressing in her own life and career. After appearing in a few high-profile bombs, including the widely panned Liz and Dick, Lindsay saw her career hit a snag. That, added to some expensive legal troubles led to Lindsay experiencing some serious financial difficulties.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly pleaded with a wealthy friend to let her stay at the friend’s New York City apartment, Radar Online reports. She has reportedly turned down offers to appear on Dancing With The Stars and a $2.5 million offer to do an adult film, but Lohan wasn’t above taking money from Charlie Sheen to help pay off some old tax liens.

But with Lindsay too broke now to afford even a a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, the former child star has been forced to move back in with her mother.

Lindsay likely won’t be swooning over her baby brother’s pics. The actress is reportedly disgusted at her father for his relationship with Kate Major, who actually had a restraining order against Michael at the time she got pregnant.

“She feels bad for the child,” a source told HollywoodLife.

You can check out the Lohan baby brother pics at TMZ.

(Photo from TMZ)