‘SNL’ Mocks Super Bowl Blackout [Video]

Justin Bieber smoking marijuana, and his subsequent apology, are getting most of the attention after last night’s Saturday Night Live. But the SNL crew got it’s biggest laugh by mocking the CBS sports crew for how they covered the blackout at this year’s Super Bowl.

Anyone watching the Super Bowl this year saw Shannon Sharpe, Bill Cower and Dan Marino struggle to come up with topics when the power went out at the Super Dome during Super Bowl XLVII. The sports announcers turned to their sideline reporters who were equally clueless about what was going on.

Last night on SNL, Jay Pharoah, Jason Sudeikis and Kenan Thompson mocked the the highly publicized fiasco.

Sharpe (Jay Pharoah) said:

“If I’m out there and there’s been no power for 20 minutes, I start to think, ‘Who on this team am I going to eat first? The obvious choice is the punter because he’ll be the easiest to catch. But then, if you need a punter late in the game, you don’t have one because you ate him.”

The announcers, completely out of things to say, eventually turn to the Dan Marino scandal that went public last week.

Thompson said:

“This is a new world now … We have to fill air time–we’re going to have to admit to some stuff.”

Here’s the skit from SNL last night.

Last night’s cold opening didn’t feature Justin Bieber but the musician did get people talking when he “smoked marijuana” during a sketch later on in the night.

Did you watch SNL last night.