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Condoleezza Rice Hits Spectator In Head With Errant Golf Ball

Condoleezza Rice didn’t have the greatest day at Pebble Beach. Rice and her partner, Jason Bohn, ended the day 2 under 70 but no one’s really talking about that at the moment. The big story out of Pebble Beach is that Condoleezza Rice hit a spectator in the head with a golf ball.

According to CBS, Rice was on the sixth hole when she sent her golf ball into the gallery. Rice was standing on a steep hill and was aiming for a green about 100 feet away. The new CBS News contributor missed her mark, however, and sent the ball 50 feet in the wrong direction.

The ball hit a spectator in the forehead, and according to the Detroit News, the woman “gushed with blood.”

Rice hurried over to the woman to apologize as the medical staff began to check her injuries.

Rice’s caddie, Kathryn Imrie, said:

“We didn’t talk about it. We tried not to … Obviously, she was really concerned. And for it not to bother her probably would be tough.”

The woman suffered a bruise and a small cut but she did not need to visit the hospital for stitches.

At the end of the round, Rice said:

“Somebody asked me, ‘How did it compare to diplomacy?’ And I said, ‘Well, I know how to do diplomacy, I’m not so sure about the golf course.'”