Kevin Bacon On NYC Subway: ‘I Had A Prosthetic Disguise Made!’

In New York City, Kevin Bacon is often on the subway — not unlike many other celebrities, who by and large find the colorful metro transit system to be an integral part of the NYC system.

Big shots like Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon on the subway isn’t an unusual sight for not-easily-starstruck New Yorkers, although, in the age of Instagram, TwitPic and Facebook, perhaps a slightly less private one.

In a recent interview, Bacon riffed on the subway and why he chooses the MetroCard fueled system over a chauffeured drive to and from projects, explaining his straphanger routine. Kevin Bacon, he’s just like the rest of us!

Kevin explains:

“I take the subway every day. It’s the fastest way to get around the city. When I’m on the train, I play Solitaire, Angry Birds and Backgammon on my phone.”

But while Kevin Bacon is often on the subway and enjoying the relative anonymity, he also admits being a star has its perks. The man from whom any celebrity is only six degrees of Kevin Bacon from says he once tried going to the totally incognito route — and didn’t like it:

“Fame is very much a double-edged sword. I had a prosthetic disguise made, because I wanted to see what it would be like not to be recognised. I didn’t like it very much – no one was nice to me. People didn’t bother me, but they also looked right through me.”

In his candid chat with People, Bacon also admits he saw Life Of Pi four times and cried and that he’s okay to “cry and let it all out and not be embarrassed.”