Keyshia Cole slams Michelle Williams

Keyshia Cole Slams Michelle Williams, Offends Destiny’s Child Fans On Twitter

Keyshia Cole made a lot of Destiny’s Child fans made during the Super Bowl Sunday.

During Destiny’s Child half time performance, Cole tweeted for Beyonce to “f*ck that sh*t up.” Then, when it was Michelle Williams’ turn to perform, she tweeted that she woke from her daze. “Michell [sic] always f***N the groove up.”

Destiny’s Child fans did not take her comment too kindly, and quickly started hurling their own insults at the “Woman to Woman” singer.

One Twitter user said, “… And when was the last time you performed at the Super Bowl?!?” Another said, “Well, well, well. Look at the pot calling the kettle LIME GREEN!!!!!” Needless to say, it ultimately went downhill from there.

Still, Cole wasn’t relenting in her opinion and proceeded to say that Williams was “wack” and always would be. She also posted a photo of herself with the words, “You mad?” on it. One Twitter user commented, “You should be mad that you ain’t got ONE Award.” While that isn’t entirely true — although the better phrasing would perhaps be that Cole hasn’t won any major awards — Cole certainly doesn’t have the amount of awards that Destiny’s Child racked up in their 16 years together.

What do you think of Keyshia Cole’s comments? How do you think Michelle Williams did during Destiny’s Child’s reunion performance?

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