Watch Puppy Bowl Live Online: Super Bowl Sunday's Other Big Game

Watch Puppy Bowl Live Online: Super Bowl Sunday’s Other Big Game

Those who want to watch the Puppy Bowl online are in luck, as the other big competition on Super Bowl Sunday has expanded to take over the internet.

The ninth annual Puppy Bowl will air Sunday at 3 pm and air on repeat for the rest of the day. The event has gained a large audience of people worn out on two weeks of endless pregame coverage, or those who just want to see some cute and cuddly puppies rolling around together.

The Washington Post sent Maura Judkis to the taping of the Puppy Bowl in November (yes, it’s pre-taped) and to study the impact it’s had on Internet culture.

Though the finished product is fluffy and cute, the taping of the Puppy Bowl itself was quite chaotic. Judkis recounted a particularly stressful scene:

“I don’t know why, but everyone else refused to do this job,” said Jessi Baden-Campbell, the unlucky line producer for Discovery Studios, as she stepped onto the 10-by-19-foot “field” with cleaning solution in hand. She may be the busiest person in the Puppy Bowl. In minutes her services are needed again.

“We’ve got a puker!” calls out a cameraman.

And again.

“Someone made a touchdown right here!” calls out another, using a euphemism for a moment you probably won’t see on TV.

Are you interested in watching the Puppy Bowl live online? As SportsGrid points out, Animal Planet is gracious enough to help out those without cable and broadcast the event live over the internet. Here’s your chance, and to borrow a spoiler from Judkis — the puppies always win.

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