New Iran Fighter Jet Unveiled By Ahmadinejad [Video]

New Iran Fighter Jet Unveiled By Ahmadinejad [Video]

A new Iran fighter jet has been unveiled by Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. The Qaher-313, or Dominant-313, uses radar-evading stealth technology. The design of Qaher is similar to the American-made F/A-18, an advanced fighter jet capable of dogfighting as well as penetrating enemy air defenses to strike ground targets.

Since the 1980s, a weapons embargo has banned export of any military technology or equipment to Iran. The new Iran fighter jet is part of Iran’s self-sufficiency military program to build up its military potential internally.

According to Digital Journal, Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, said the jet was built with “advanced materials” and has a very low radar signature.

“Qaher-313 is a fully indigenous aircraft designed and built by our aerospace experts… This is a radar-evading plane that can fly at low altitude, carry weapons, engage enemy aircraft and land at short airstrips… The aircraft [is] different from the other fighter jets Iran has already made.”

According to Fox News, Ahmadinejad told the inauguration ceremony in Tehran that the new Iran fighter jet shows to the world that Iran can be self-sufficient:

“Development depends on our will. If we don’t have a will, no one can take us there. Once we imported cars and assembled them here. Now, we are at a point where we can design, build and get planes in the air.”

Some experts believe that the new Iran fighter jet on display is not a functional stealth fighter but is instead a full scale model intended to showcase what Iran intends to achieve. All of Iran’s military programs are shrouded in secrecy and their military does not openly share any significant details about their technology.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the new Iran fighter jet is not Iran’s first success for its self-sufficiency military program. Iran has successfully deployed hover crafts that can launch missiles and drones from the ocean. More recently, Iran launched a long-range missile that safely carried a monkey into space and back.

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