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Missing Truck Driver’s Body Believed Buried In California Yard, Police Dig For Days

A missing truck driver, disappeared in August, may be buried in the backyard of an Ontario, California home — and police in the area have been digging for three days in an attempt to locate the possible site of his burial.

Missing truck driver Oscar Contreras Escobar, 29, hasn’t been seen alive since August 28 of last year, and was reported missing on September 4. Eventually, activity on Escobar’s ATM card after he disappeared led police to the home back in November as they tracked the missing truck driver and attempted to learn his fate — but it was only in January they were able to obtain the necessary search warrant to excavate the area.

Police in Ontario believe foul play may have led to the missing truck driver’s disappearance, but have not disclosed what led them to this particular conclusion. Law enforcement officials did confirm they located something of “strong evidentiary value” at scene. When asked about recently poured concrete, ABC says police referred to a “disturbance” in the area searched, but did not elaborate further.

Ontario Police Sgt. Dave McBride explained that the missing truck driver search has indeed been one in which police are expecting to uncover a body:

“The initial focus was on the inside, the interior of the house, and for the last day or day and a half or so, they’ve been focusing on the backyard area … I wouldn’t specially say we’re looking for body parts, but of course, in this type of investigation, that’s always a consideration.”

Police also confirm that the home’s residents have been interviewed in relation to the missing truck driver’s disappearance, but did not say in what capacity they believe he may have known them, and said the people were not considered suspects.