Jaide WHHS Fight: #jaide Bullying Goes Viral On Twitter [Video]

Jaide WHHS Fight: #jaide Bullying Goes Viral On Twitter [Video]

The Jaide WHHS fight video has gone viral via Twitter. This video features several teenage girl goofing off in what appears to be a locker room, with the bully getting pwned when she provokes the other girl too far.

One of the girls named Jaide is calling another girl in the corner a “b*tch.” The girls dance around the silent recipient of the bullying, pointing out how close they are getting into her face without her responding. Jaide then asks the girl,”If I touch you, will you hit me?” This final insult was enough to provoke the bullying victim into fighting back.

The two girls erupted into a tussle, arms whirling and slapping, with Jaide’s hair being grabbed at one point. The bullying victim pursues Jaide across the locker room, slapping her from behind. The fight breaks up for short while but then Jaide attempts to go after her victim again, but this time she’s received with left hooks instead of slaps. The fight then breaks up soon after, with Jaide going to the mirrors to inspect the damage and correct her messed up hair.

Most of the girls, including Jade, seemed to treat the fight as one big game. The bullying victim, on the other hand, is blank faced and stares with arms crossed. Unfortunately, at this point, she seems to want to continue the fight, and Jaide provokes her into one final bout. Needless to say, Jaide is not the winner this time, either.

The Jaide WHHS Fight video has people on Twitter discussing it all over, with the hashtag #Jaide now trending:

Jaide WHHS Fight

[UPDATE] Jaide herself has apparently created a Twitter account and responded to the controversy (the authorship has not been verified):

What you think about the bully Jaide in the Jaide WHHS Fight video? Do you think the bullying victim was right to fight back, or should she just have let the insults slide off her back?

[UPDATE #2] The YouTube video has been taken down, but here is another copy of the video with included commentary: