Jodi Arias Affair Kept Secret By Controlling Boyfriend Travis Alexander, Defense Claims

Jodi Arias Affair Kept Secret By Controlling Boyfriend Travis Alexander, Defense Claims

Jodi Arias had a secret affair with lover Travis Alexander, the man she is accused of murdering, and defense attorneys are trying to use that illicit affair as evidence that Arias killed her lover in self defense.

Arias is on trial for murdering Alexander in Arizona in 2008. She originally claimed that she had nothing to do with the murder but later said he was killed by intruders. She eventually confessed to killing her on-again off-again boyfriend but said it was in self-defense. She is accused of stabbing him more than 30 times and could face the death penalty if convicted, Yahoo! News reports.

Attorneys for Arias said Alexander kept their affair a secret from his Mormon friends, even though he felt free sending lewd pictures to her. The Jodi Arias secret affair showed that Alexander was a sexual deviant who kept Arias as a “dirty little secret,” attorneys maintained.

To bolster this point, the defense called Alexander’s former girlfriend Lisa Daidone as a witness, who told the court that Alexander claimed he was a virgin. Daniel Freeman also testified that Jodi Arias was kept a secret from those Alexander knew, ABC News reported.

“Travis had made more friends at (the Mormon) ward, and had (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight nights at his house many times, and Jodi was in town, but she wasn’t there,” Freeman said.

“There was that group of friends, them and Jodi, two different groups, and so Lisa [Daidone] and friends from church were there, but Jodi wasn’t there,” Freeman said.

The defense, which has claimed that Alexander was a sex-obsessed liar who was cruel to Arias, is expected to claim that Alexander was physically threatening Arias when she killed him, ABC News noted.

Prosecutors say it didn’t matter if Jodi Arias was kept a secret from Travis Alexander’s friends. They say she murdered him out of jealousy for seeing other women.