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Pot In KMart Store In Seattle Surprises Workers, Is This The Green Light Special?

Workers got a sticky icky surprise in Seattle, where pot in a KMart store delivery prompted the question — is this some sort of move to entice shoppers back into KMart, or are Washington State’s new pot laws just that permissive?

Neither, it turns out, as the pot in the KMart store on North Aurora Avenue was traced back to what appears to be a mis-shipment. The accidental bust yielded 10 pounds of bud, cops confirm.

Police said the pot wound up at the KMart store after being shipped from Los Angeles (where marijuana is legal in some circumstances, under state but not federal law) to Philadelphia (where it is not legal under both state and federal law.)

But whoever shipped the dope listed a return address of the KMart in Seattle, which is how the store got the ganja shipment. Police spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee said:

“Delivery information on the package indicates it was originally shipped from Los Angeles to a Philadelphia address, but never made it to its intended destination in Philly… Whoever sent the package listed the address of the Seattle Kmart on the return label, for some reason.”

Seattle Weekly adds:

“Kmart employees from the 132nd and Aurora Avenue N store had opened a box that was mysteriously delivered to their store only to discover the aforementioned treasure – 10 pounds of strangely wrapped ganja that was supposed to end up in Philadelphia.”

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Interestingly, the fate of the pot in the KMart store would have been different had it happened a few days later. The location is one of the chain’s outlets set to close imminently, and will permanently shut its doors on Sunday.