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Delta Jet Evacuated After Fire

A Delta jet was evacuated today at Boston’s Logan International Airport due to a fire on the plane.

According to CBS, the fire occurred while the plane was being taxied toward the runway. The brake system caught fire and all of the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Travelers Today reports that 143 passengers were evacuated from Delta flight 2101. The plane was scheduled to fly from Boston to Atlanta.

According to one of the passengers, the MD90 jet was on its way to the runway when one of the brakes locked up.

Kevin Davis, a passenger on the plane, said:

“We were taxing out to the runway and one of the brakes locked up on the right side wheel. The captain notified us that a fire truck would be following us back to the terminal and apparently the brake caught fire as we were taxing back, so they evacuated all the passengers off the plane.”

The passengers were bussed back to the terminal and put on a connecting flight.