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Sandy Hook Truthers United By Misinformation, Suspicion As Strange Conspiracy Grows

A movement of Sandy Hook truthers, people who believe the school shooting in Newtown either did not happen at all or did not happen in the way it was reported, has been growing on the internet since nearly the day of the shooting — but it appears the tipping point for the certifiably insane conspiracy was reached earlier this week when it was revealed that Gene Rosen, the kindly gentleman who sheltered six refugees from Sandy Hook Elementary, had been on the receiving end of extensive harassment from those who buy into the strange theories.

To understand Sandy Hook truthers, you must first look back to September 11th and a strange narrative that also reached a tipping point in that era. Given the polarized response America had to the attacks, a bizarre cognitive dissonance became somewhat of a cottage industry after that watershed incident, and conspiracy theorists like the Sandy Hook truthers reached a new level of amplification. Once dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing freaks, those who compiled a list of objections to what is generally widely considered fact found a new and cohesive way to air their paranoia — the internet.

But what seems to bind Sandy Hook truthers together is the response to the shootings in Newtown. Understandably, gun control has become a heated debate in America after the details of the shooting became known — that the first-graders killed in the attack had been shot with what is often called an “assault rifle,” sparking a national conversation about whether such weapons should be restricted among civilians.

(One aspect of some Sandy Hook truther rhetoric is the claim that a handgun or pistol was used in the massacre — but this claim has been widely debunked, even by conservative outlets.)

Salon, who broke the story on Sandy Hook truthers harassing Gene Rosen, also did a piece on how the paranoia has broken into some mainstream reporting — profiling Ben Swann, reporter with a local Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, who’s claiming to “question this whole narrative” about the Newtown shootings.

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