donald trump slams GOP

Donald Trump Slams GOP Again, Twitter Rant Continues Over Increased Taxes On Wealthy

Donald Trump has slammed the GOP on his Twitter account, and not just because they didn’t ask him to the primaries dance in 2012.

As Donald Trump slams the GOP it is worth noting that the mewling mogul seems to be frequently displeased with something or other on Twitter, and for a man of his prolific business stature, it kind of makes you wonder if the old adages about money and happiness are perfectly exemplified by Trump’s sour attitude.

Trump’s GOP slam comes as the Republican party seems to have finally capitulated on their Bush tax cuts stance and a deal on the “fiscal cliff” was reached. As President Barack Obama (a man Trump did everything in his power to destroy) jetted off to Hawaii to finish out a family vacation at the end of a hard-won battle, Trump was left to his spittle-laced rants on Twitter — kind of like the wealthy villain at the end of an 80s movie, spaghetti all over his Porsche.

The Donald — who has basically been set adrift by any political allies he has managed to obtain after a strange pre-election publicity hoax backfired and made the mogul a laughingstock — began to spit tacks on Twitter when news of the deal was reported.

At the time, we posted about how Trump slammed Republican leaders for compromising, and seemed to indicate he believes “negotiate” means “get everything you want or throw your teddy bear and binky out of the stroller” when he said:

But Trump’s GOP slam continued into this morning, so we can’t just chalk it up to New Year’s Eve vino veritas:

Trump’s GOP slam did not detail what he believed was an alternate path forward on stalled fiscal cliff negotiations.