Jenny McCarthy Makes Out With Army Officer To Ring In The New Year

Jenny McCarthy Makes Out With Army Officer To Ring In The New Year

Jenny McCarthy isn’t one to break tradition, so, when the midnight struck and the ball dropped on 2013, she grabbed a seemingly unknowing soldier to share a New Year’s kiss.

The annual tradition of kissing at the New Year rings in isn’t lost on McCarthy, who last year grabbed a New York City police officer to share a kiss as the ball dropped. This year, when Jenny McCarthy joined Ryan Seacrest on ABC’s Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve she again grabbed a nearby person to kiss, Mediaite reported.

It wasn’t until after the kiss was finished that McCarthy bothered to get the army officer’s name — Benjamin. She confirmed that he is single, then swooned over the man in uniform.

“I think I’m in love,” McCarthy said.

Benjamin said the kiss was a “10,″ but Jenny McCarthy disagreed. She rated it an “11.”

As the ball dropped, Jenny has a big 2013 planned. In February, she will start hosting her own late-night talk show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, a project she’s been working on for years. She said the show will be “very open, kind of dirty, raw, and real.”

“I was excited that late-night, especially cable, is going to let me have that free reign,” Jenny McCarthy told SheKnows. “It will be a little bit more tame and not as vile [as her MTV show Singled Out] but I think that the honesty will still be there, and the fun will still be there.”

McCarthy is already planning her guest list for the show.

“I would love nothing more than Bradley Cooper,” Jenny McCarthy said. “He is such a babe. And I really want to have people on the show that are interesting. I don’t care if someone is promoting the biggest movie, if they’re the most boring person in the world I kind of don’t want them at my party. I don’t want to hear about their cat that lost its fingernail and those kinds of stories. I want real people, real fun.”