Bill Clinton rumors

Bill Clinton Rumors Swirl, Ex-President Admits Drug War ‘Hasn’t Worked’

The recent spate of Bill Clinton rumors seems to speak to an America that rich or poor, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, misses the 90s — and speculation has intensified lately that Bubba might relive the halcyon days before Lewinsky-gate with a second presidency … in Ireland.

(And as an American who lived in Ireland during part of the Clinton presidency, not only am I old, but the Bill Clinton rumors make a bit of sense — if anyone loved Bill like we did, it was the Irish.)

The Bill Clinton rumors seem to stem from a comment in which Forty Deuce stated that he could purchase a house and run for president in Eire, a statement that seems to have been rapidly contradicted by Hillary — with the Mrs. indicating the Clintons would be embracing retirement.

However, as any liberal can tell you, seeing Bill out and about at the DNC was not unlike an old lover coming home — and the Bill Clinton rumors are a welcome speculation to the lefties that embrace the former prez as a symbol of everything America does best.

Clinton, aside from the buzz, talked about those days not too long ago when discussing drug policy. And perhaps he is passing the torch of reform to President Barack Obama in his final term, as Bill admits all the anti-drug efforts of his tenure didn’t make what the Irish would call a “divil of a damn of difference.”

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