Amanda Seyfried Gown Earns Rave Reviews At 'Les Miserables' Premiere

Amanda Seyfried Gown Earns Rave Reviews At ‘Les Miserables’ Premiere

Amanda Seyfried wore a gown to the London premiere of Les Miserables that managed to do something amazing — steal attention away from her fashion favorite co-star Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway is a veteran of the red carpet, and her fashion has often made headlines, but, at this premiere, it was Amanda Seyfried and her futuristic flamenco Valencia gown that garnered most of the attention. As the actresses met fans in Leicester Square just before the UK premiere of Les Miserables, Seyfried’s form-fitting dress grabbed the attention of fans and photographers.

The Daily Mail noted that Amanda Seyfried “definitely smouldered in her gown with the light ruffles complimenting her slim frame.”

“Her scoop neck dress perfectly showed off her cleavage and her blonde hair was set in loose waves and swept across one shoulder,” the report read.

Seyfried and Hathaway grew close during the filming of the movie, as Amanda looked to the veteran actress for some pointers.

“My first day of shooting was with Annie. So I was able to extract some of her essence, so I could infuse it into Cosette,” Seyfried told the New York Times.

The New York Daily News noted that Amanda Seyfried’s gown stole the show:

“Amanda Seyfried, 27, who plays Cosette, also showed up dressed to impress. The low neckline of her top emphasized her healthy bust, while her blond hair descended attractively over one shoulder. Her asymmetrical black skirt completed the two-piece ensemble.”

More extensive pictures of Amanda Seyfried in her gown and other red carpet pictures from the Les Miserables premiere can be found here.