Michael Vick Out: Eagles Quarterback Benched From Lineup

Michael Vick is still out from the lineup and will be manning the bench, albeit metaphorically. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Eagles decided to take Michael Vick out of the lineup after sustaining a concussion during a game played almost a month ago. Vick’s doctor’s prescription includes staying in dark quiet areas and avoiding exercise or watching videos.

According to Yahoo Sports, Michael Vick failed a concussion test and has been unable to get out to practice. Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, however, denied reports of a setback in Michael Vick’s recovery.

“There’s nothing to that,” Reid said Friday. “I’ve talked with Michael and Michael is good. I don’t know where things get started but Michael is fine with it. He understands that everything is in the best interest of him right now and making sure that he’s ready to go.”

The November 11 game against the Dallas Cowboys that forced Michael Vick out has led to a poor season for the Philadelphia Eagles. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles took Michael Vick’s place, and so far they’ve lost their last seven games and are 3-8 on the season.

According to the Bleacher Report, the Eagles drafting Foles signaled the intention to eventually retire Michael Vick, but Vick’s concussion problem helped lead to this outcome sooner than expected. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie reportedly entered this NFL season with an ultimatum for coach Andy Reid, saying that another disappointing season would not be tolerated. So it’s possible Andy Reid might follow Michael Vick out.

With Michael Vick out of the game, what do you think the Philadelphia Eagles should do to get back to winning NFL Super Bowls?