The Anarchist

Debra Winger Makes Her Broadway Debut In ‘The Anarchist’

New York City, NY – Debra Winger made her stage debut as a prison inmate in The Anarchist at the Golden Theater. The play takes place in a women’s prison and co-stars Patti LuPOne. Renowned author David Mamet wrote the 70-minute drama.

The Anarchist opened on Sunday evening. Mamet, who is reportedly known for his skill with expletive-laced phrases, chose a decidedly type of dialogue for the play focusing on life behind bars, according to the New York Times. The play focuses primarily on the philosophical lot of females spending time behind bars. The Mamet work delves into the relationship between an correctional authority figure and the notorious inmate. Winger’s Ann is a correctional case officer assigned to determine if LuPone’s character is suitable for parole.

Winger burst onto the national scene after playing Sissy in the cult classic, Urban Cowboy. The 1980s hit film ironically focused a bit on the impact of Debra ‘s character going inside a prison. She and co-star John Travolta visit a prison to watch the annual rodeo while on their honeymoon. The recently married couple did not realize it at the time, but one of the bronco-riding convict rodeo stars ultimately comes between the pair; bruises, boozing, and infidelity ensue.

While the New York Times applauds LuPone’s performance in The Anarchist, they play review are a bit less kind in regards to Debra Winger’s first Broadway appearance. The Hollywood Reporter also noted that Winger is still “finding her way” on stage and took issue with the lack of excitement and drama in Mamet’s newest creation. The website claims the production felt more like an “audio-pamphlet” than a play and was not a good fit for Broadway.