Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Deliver Box Office Gold For The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Box Office Report: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Crosses $ 700 million, Will Become Biggest Franchise Earner

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has crossed $ 700 million box office worldwide.

With a total haul of $702,393,000, the finale installment is set to surpass New Moon’s$709 million and become the franchise’s biggest earner worldwide.

“This will be the biggest Twilight movie ever at the box office and the foreign grosses will be the driving force,”’s Phil Contrino toldThe Wrap.

He added,

“These franchise films build and build overseas, and then they explode.”

Post Thanksgiving, Summit’s finale installment maintained its ascendancy at the top of the box office tree for the third consecutive week thanks to stunning overseas ticket sales.

After debuting with $141,067,634 in its opening weekend, the last film in the wildly successful vampire franchise went on to break all kinds of records around the world.

In international terms, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 took $447.8 million after just 17 days.

In comparison, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 needed 98 days to power to $430.9 million, while New Moon took $413.2 million after 133 days and Eclipse racked up $398 million international after 114.

Kristen Stewart In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Still

Box Office Voodooreports:

“By day 14, the second Twilight feature was on $239.9M while BD 1 had just hit $230M – in comparison, this final film had a gross of $237.1M.”

“On Friday, the finale to the Twilight series added $5.6M … through Saturday and into Sunday, it made another $11.8M, bringing its three day total to $17.4M ($256M overall).”

That’s the best overseas performance of any of the installments, as evidenced by the fact that Part 2 shot past Breaking Dawn – Part 1’s $430 million international haul in the last few days.

Specifically, Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s best box office overseas was in the UK ($ 50 million), then Brazil ($41. 6 million) and Russia (CIS, $41.2 million).

But the broad strokes are these: International box office for Part 2 is $447.8 million, domestic rose to $254.6 million, and its worldwide take swells to $702.4 million.

In other film news, Box Office Voodooreports that Skyfall is now the biggest ever spy movie in history, beating the final box office statistics “for any [films in the] the Mission: Impossible series and every single film in the Bourne series … not to mention being more successful than any other James Bond film.”

Now in its fourth weekend, the 23rd Bond film punches in at $246 million domestic and over $600 million overseas, bringing its worldwide total to a figure north of $800 million.

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