Jamie Foxx says give honor to God and Barack Obama

Jamie Foxx: ‘Give Honor To Our Lord And Savior … Barack Obama’ [Video]

Actor Jamie Foxx is stirring some controversy in the conservative blogosphere this morning after saying that we should give honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama during an awards show on Sunday.

The Oscar-winning actor made the curiously flattering comments about the newly re-elected President Obama at the Soul Train Music Awards, which aired over the weekend.

“First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama,” Foxx proclaims in the clip.

BET, the station that aired the Soul Train Music Awards, reportedly used this clip during promotional rounds leading up to the program.

Though it’s not quite as bad as the cold headline appears (Foxx pauses between “God” and the rest of his comment to allow for applause) the dramatic verbiage makes it pretty clear who Foxx supported during this election cycle.

Regardless, Foxx is receiving a ribbing for his words from conservative bloggers like Noel Sheppard, who responded “I guess Obama really IS the messiah.”

Foxx is not alone in expressing his happiness over President Obama’s second term re-election. Many other celebrities have made similar comments since Election Day. Another Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, referenced Clint Eastwood’s now-infamous “empty chair” RNC appearance during an acceptance speech, telling “President Obama” that he’s grateful for his re-election (despite his admission that as a Brit, he doesn’t have much say).

Here’s the video of Jamie Foxx giving honor to God and “our lord and savior Barack Obama.” What do you think of his comments? Controversial? No big deal? Sound off!