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Human Barbie: Psychologost Claims Valeria Lukyanova Lives In A Fantasy

Valeria Lukyanova, the “Human Barbie” lives in a fantasy world because she finds being her “authentic self” uninspiring, according to psychologist Seth Meyers. During an interview with Radar Online the Los Angeles psychologist speculated about why the Ukrainian model has gone to such extreme lengths to alter her physical appearance.

Dr. Seth Meyers had this to say about the Human Barbie after her interview in V Magazine:

“The interview from V, as well as photos of the so-called beauty, suggest a woman who finds her authentic self and the reality around her to be empty and uninspiring, causing her to create and live in a fantasy world of her own making. Considering her from a strength-based approach, her efforts indicate an innovative and truly artistic orientation, where she uses her body as post-feminist performance art.”

The California psychologist also claims that the problem with such an outlook revolves around Valeria Lukyanova’s desire to cater to the alleged male fantasy of massive breasts and an ultra-slim waistline. Dr. Meyers maintains that since men cannot find such a woman in real life, they “flock” to the internet for cyber sex experiences. By engaging in the such erotic fantasies, the real women in their lives are ultimately cast aside because they do not measure up to the example set by the Human Barbie, according to the psychologist.

Valeria struck back at her critics by stating that they justify their negative judgments about her because they do not want to strive for self-improvement. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn has this to say about the Human Barbie:

“The Human Barbie should be more accurately called the Human Avatar! Her face is impossibly sculpted and chiseled, as if made from a plastic mold. It appears to me that she’s either wearing two pounds of fancy, special-effects makeup or has had some plastic surgery to reshape her eyes and her nose.”